How Smokable Hemp is Making a Comeback

Different Methods of CBD Delivery
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Everything You Need to Know About CBD

CBN is not limited to exotic flowers. Cannabinol can also be found in hemp products, edibles, vape carts, etc.

Celebrating 4/20 Your Way

Here's how we expect patients to celebrate the holidays this year.

The Millennial Take on 4/20

Some millennials view April as Cannabis Awareness Month. Mainly, the former is due to the popular cannabis holiday of 4/20.

Understanding the Difference between Δ-8 & Δ-9

HighPoint Hemp covers what you need to know about the differences between Delta 8 vs Delta 9.

The Byhalia Pipeline Problem and CBD Farming

Since 2018, CBD farming in Tennessee has become an economic backbone of the Volunteer State’s cannabis economy.

The Future of Drinking Cannabis

An explanatory guide to cannabis beverages, dosing, variety, and more.

How to Make CBD Edibles at Home

Here a quick look at understanding CBD, how it works with your body, and even a quick CBD recipe!

5 Cannabis Stocks You Should Keep an Eye on in 2021

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries ever formed. Here are a few cannabis stocks that everyone should pay close attention to in 2021.

Stündenglass Gravity Bong

HighPoint BudBar talks about what a gravity bong is and what makes the Stündenglass gravity bong leagues above its competitors.

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