How Smokable Hemp is Making a Comeback

Different Methods of CBD Delivery
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Move Over, 4/20, Here Comes 1/20!

HighPoint Budbar talks about the inauguration and what it may mean for the future of cannabis.

The MORE Act

HighPoint BudBar talks about what the MORE Act will mean for expungement across the United States.

Top Cannabis Strains of 2020

HighPoint BudBar has you covered on the top strains in 2020. Everything from the infamous Runtz to Granddaddy Purple.

Cannabis Rollie Pollies

HighPoint Hemp examines the various types of pre-rolls available in the cannabis industry.

The Many Different forms of Cannabis

HighPoint Hemp explores THC, CBD, industrial-grade hemp, and high-grade cannabis.

How to Properly Dose CBD for Edibles

HighPoint Hemp discusses the different methods when it comes to dose CBD edibles properly.

The Impact of Technology in the Cannabis Industry

HighPoint Hemp explains how cannabis combined with technology is impacting the industry.

How to Make A CBD-Infused Peppermint Mocha Cheesecake

HighPoint Hemp has you covered for this holiday season! Check out this amazing recipe that everyone will enjoy.

Cannabis Activism and How YOU can get Involved

The road to the legal sale of cannabis in the United States has been full of turbulence for almost exactly 100 years. Prior to the 1920s, cannabis was utilized in a variety of pharmaceuticals.

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